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Principal's Message
Thank you for taking a moment to look at Franklin School's website. This is my seventh year as principal of this school; my sixteenth as a principal in grades K-12, and I could not be more proud to be a part of the Franklin community. Franklin School is an unexpected gem among public schools. It's small size makes it a unique experience for children, families, and staff. Each child is known and nurtured by all community members in an effort to ensure no child falls through the cracks. The strong bridge between home and school at Franklin ensures success and a feeling of community for our Falcon families. This truth is demonstrated by our outstanding achievements, supports, climate, variety of educational experiences, and opportunities for students to contribute to their community through leadership. As an educational community, Franklin's diverse population outperforms both the State and many local schools. These results are evidence of the conscientious communal efforts between home, school, and District. The Franklin community is a family working to raise excellent citizens: citizens with mature socials skills, broad academic knowledge, and the flexibility and understanding of their roles in society now and into the future.

Franklin is a small neighborhood school of approximately 300 students, maintained by a close-knit community in central Alameda. We currently have 2 classes in each grade, with the exception of 4th and 5th grades, where we have a combination class resulting in 1.5 classes in 4th and 5th grades. The school includes 13 classrooms, a cafeteria, a media center, an administration office, and an outside meeting area. School staff includes: a principal, twelve full time certificated teachers, two paraprofessionals, a 20% health office assistant, a 20% speech teacher, a 20% school psychologist, an office manager, a 60% intervention lead, and eight other support staff, which includes our cafeteria, custodial, and noon duty staff members. Itinerant music, Art, Library, and P.E. teachers provide services each week for students in first through fifth grades, and an intenerant media center teacher for all grades. The school year consists of 180 instructional days with minimum days for parent conferencing and teacher collaboration.

We are dedicated to maintaining high academic and behavior standards. We strive to help students discover and achieve their personal best. We promote Lifelong Guidelines and use Lifeskill learning to create a safe learning community at our school. Franklin School's Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) team provides professional development to the staff in each of these areas, and the committee works to ensure students, staff, and families are supported and that all children are successful. Necessary technology skills to access academic instruction using Common Core Standards are developed and instruction is enhanced to provide the most engaging environment possible, while allowing teachers the ability to intervene and extend for students in small groups.

If you ever have any questions about our school, please reach out and we are happy to speak with you.

Thank you,

Lynnette Chirrick