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Incoming Kindergarten Information

2024-2025 School Year


A big welcome to our incoming kindergarten students and families! 

All elementary schools in Alameda Unified, including Franklin School held a Kindergarten Information Night and kindergarten tours. These events were a chance for parents to hear about the Kindergarten program at their neighborhood school, receive information about the enrollment process for AUSD, and meet Kindergarten teachers and staff. If you missed it, that's okay! Here is the Slides Presentation from that night and you can always call us with any questions. We request families new to Franklin School complete the Kindergarten Information Google Form so we can gather contact and other pertinent information for you and your child. 

More information about Kindergarten enrollment can be found on the AUSD enrollment website. Please note that the enrollment window for next year is already open, and you should visit the AUSD enrollment website as soon as possible. The sooner you fill out your child's enrollment, the greater the liklihood of securing a spot at your neighborhood school. Thank you and welcome to the Class of 2037!

Families entering kindergarten at Franklin school should have received the below message on June 12th. If you believe you should have received it but did not, please reach out to the Student Services Department at the AUSD District Office to find out more about your enrollment status:

Dear Franklin Kindergarten Families,

I am told that I can officially send you a communication through ParentSquare! This is earlier than ever before and I hope this message reaches all our incoming kindergarten families.

With that said, this is your official welcome to the Franklin Falcon community! You and your new student are about to begin a wonderful thirteen-year journey through Alameda Unified School District together. If your plans have changed and your child will not be attending Franklin, please email our office manager, Erin at or myself at

We understand having an incoming kindergartener can feel a little overwhelming. Here is some initial information and dates for your calendar:

We use ParentSquare for communication. You will receive emails, but can also download the app for more functionality, digest settings, and notifications (highly recommend).

Our PTA uses Konstella for communication. You will receive information from them in about a month.
We use AERIES as our District Student Information System. AERIES has an app as well. In AERIES, you will be able to view report cards, attendance, teacher assignment, and other student information.

Kindergarten Play Dates (these are hosted by parent volunteers, dates/times may be subject to change):

Sunday, June 30th from 11-1pm: First Kindergarten Playdate at Franklin Park - Feel free to come to Franklin Park and meet other kindergarten families and enjoy watching your child meet some new friends. These events are held by our current Franklin families who have incoming kindergarteners. This one will be hosted by Annie Gregg. Can't make it? Don't worry - there will be another one on...

Saturday, July 27th from 1-3pm: Second Kindergarten Playdate at Franklin Park. This one will be hosted by Kate Brennan. Can't make it? Don't worry - there will be another one on...

Sunday, August 4th from 1:00-3pm: Last Kindergarten Playdate at Franklin Park. This kindergarten play date will be hosted by Deborah Goldberg. 

Nuts and Bolts
August 1st (this date is tentative) - You will get an email from our District to complete an annual Data Confirmation. This is a process wherein you can double check contact information, sign field trip permission forms, sign up to be a volunteer, etc.

Tuesday, August 13th - Teacher assignments will be available AERIES. You can come and meet your child's teacher the next day on...

Wednesday, August 14th at 1:00pm - Kindergarten Meet and Greet: You and your child can come to the school and meet  your child's teacher! If you can't come, that is okay because you will get to meet them the very next day on the first day of school.  We will send more information about this in August.

Thursday, August 15th - First day of School! Times: 8:20-12:10pm. 
Our PTA will host a Welcome Back Coffee for parents right after the bell if you would like to join. Bonus - they usually bring donuts! 

August 15th - September 5th (15 days): Kindergarteners will be in school from 8:20-12:10 every day. 

Please send a snack with your child to enjoy during recess. Students do not need to bring a lunch on these days unless they are going to an aftercare. Most Kindergarten students go home, but some families take their child to play at Franklin Park with other kindergarteners. Your child’s teacher will schedule a time with you on one of these afternoons to assess your child. These assessments, along with other information, will be used to create balanced groups for learning. 

The "regular" schedule will begin on Friday, September 6th. The regular school schedule for Kindergarten will be:

M, T, Th, Fri: 8:20-2:50
Wednesdays: 8:20-12:10

Once the regular schedule begins, Kindergarteners will eat lunch in our outdoor eating area. They can bring lunch or get a free school lunch. We have staff who are available to help them open milk cartons, thermoses, and anything else they need. They should continue to bring a snack for their morning recess. You can help them get ready by beginning discussions about what items go in the green bin, recycling, and trash. Once Menus for August are posted online, you will be able to find them at this link on our District website.

Sunday, August 18th at 2:00pm - PTA Hosted Back to School Social - More information about this will be coming over the summer, but hold the afternoon to come and meet other Franklin Families and enjoy some ice cream (details tentative - our PTA is currently organizing this event). Not only will you satisfy your sweet tooth, at this event you can also find out more about our PTA and events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Wednesday, August 21st Back-To-School Night; 6:00-7:00 PM. Come get to know more about the kindergarten experience.

Don't worry - reminders about all of these things will come out as the new year approaches. If you haven't already, consider requesting to join the Franklin Falcons of Alameda Facebook group, and "like" the Franklin Elementary School PTA Facebook page to make sure you are seeing some of the fun Facebook posts associated with our school and PTA. 

I am sharing this advance copy of Franklin's Important Dates Document to give you an idea of what the school year looks like. Please don't print it yet as there will be continued updates over the summer. I hope you have a great rest of your summer and we look forward to working with you in the Fall!

Thank you,
Lynnette Chirrick, Principal